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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why I love the internet and cookies!

In spite of what the fear-mongers whould have you believe, the nicest people on earth live on the internet. As an example, meet Diane a fellow member of the Axis of Weevil and fellow follower of PossumDad, Terry. Anyways, a couple weeks back Diane had a "uncloaking" contest at her blog to get some of her regular readers to actually leave a comment. And from the commenters, she chose 1 name at random out of a hat and offered a prize to the winner- which was me.

I won! It's a major award! Diane graciously offered me a couple of dandy handmade choices and I voted with my tummy. She made me a batch of delicious ginger snap cookies and included a pound of her favorite coffee beans from her local and favorite coffee joint. The package arrived today.

The cookies taste terrific and the coffee beans smell wonderful. I'll be enjoying both treats over the coming days. Yumm!

Thanks Diane for the very nice treats. Can I offer you a racoon pelt suitable for making a Daniel Boone cap from in return? I may have a couple in a few days.

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